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HGH and your healthThere are so many health and nutrition supplements in the market today. Some make outlandish claims as being the panacea to all of man’s current health problems. Many provide supposed solutions that will work only if certain conditions are met. Some are so expensive that only the world’s richest individuals can get access to them. Some are cheap and of low quality that it is largely taken more as wasting money athan anything else.

How HGh can increase your health

However, there are also supplements that really work. And there are also brands that really remain true to their promise of product reliability. Unfortunately, like anything that is consumed, food and supplements included, the body can react to these in an entirely different way.

While the ingredients of a particular product may be deemed all-natural, it does not necessarily mean that everyone who drinks it or takes it will be safe. Unfortunately the human body does not work that way. In order for you to understand what we mean, let us try to understand allergies. Why is it that some people are allergic to eggs or certain types of food like chicken? Does this mean that these foods are harmful to health? If that is the case, then why is it that not all of us have allergies to eggs or to chicken or whatever it is some people are allergic to? This is because their bodies are programmed a little differently than most.

Another example is why is it that despite not eating or limiting their food intake, some people really have difficulty losing weight? Others, even if they devour three large platters of succulent steak complete with French fries and several slices of pizza topped with double mozzarella cheese, they seem not to get fat? Of course you will say because the other guy’s metabolism is faster and more efficient than the other one. Exactly!

So what is the point? The point is that different people will have different reactions to everything. You may laugh at a particular movie scene but others may cry. If you have a twin, even if your look exactly alike, your preferences might be a little bit different compared to what he likes. The point is that no two individuals are exactly alike. Even twins are different. That said, supplements can also have significantly different effects on your body and on your health.

If you take HGH replacers, for example, know that these are preformed fully synthetic human growth hormones, your body may stimulate the bones and muscles to grow bigger and denser making you appear like the miniature Hulk, not green of course. This is a condition known as acromegaly where your hands and feet grow disproportionately larger than normal simply because the growth plates in your bones have already closed. If they have not yet closed, then you become a giant in a condition known as gigantism. Additionally, active human growth hormone has a variety of effects all over the body. When you flood the body with preformed human growth hormone you are essentially exposing it to superfluous HGH activity.

Now, if you were taking HGH supplements, it does not necessarily mean that you are already safe. No matter how natural the ingredients in these products are, there bounds to be an effect on your body. For example, one of the known natural ingredients of certain HGH supplements is gamma amino butyric acid. This neurotransmitter is essential in the stimulation of the pituitary gland to start producing and releasing human growth hormone. You have to know that gamma amino butyric acid also blocks nerve impulse conduction which is why it is often used in anti-anxiety medications. In most cases it depresses electrical activity in the brain so you tend to become more relaxed, which is a good effect. However, if you are operating machinery, would you want to be sleeping on the job? This will happen only if you are more susceptible to the effects of GABA. Generally, these are very useful substances. However, like already presented above, different persons react differently to different substances.

It is for this reason that even before you start any supplement, be it nutritional or hormonal, it is important that you seek appropriate medical advice. This is especially true if you have pre-existing health conditions such as cardiovascular problems and even mental health problems. These health concerns must be addressed first and evaluated whether taking HGH supplements will be beneficial or not.

If you are generally healthy, you can take these HGH supplements readily. However, it is often a better idea to seek medical advice before starting anything.

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