What You Should Avoid When Taking HGH Supplements

Avoid wrong use of HGH supplementsWhile it is without question that human growth hormone (HGH) supplements are beneficial to overall health, it should not be taken as the be-all, end-all of your aging and performance problems. Like all things that are considered as supplements, these products only work insofar as the body is healthy enough to process these substances. It is for this reason that supplements are never considered as treatments because their therapeutic indications are quite limited to healthy functioning bodies.

Now, if you are already taking HGH supplements and still wondering why you have not seen effects so far, you have to understand that HGH supplements generally take a much longer time to show their effects compared to HGH replacement therapies. HGH supplements or releasers do not provide the body with instant human growth hormone like what HGH replacements do. What HGH supplements do however is they provide the necessary stimulus to the pituitary gland to start producing and releasing human growth hormone again. Often depending on how long the pituitary gland has not been producing human growth hormone, the actual length of time before effects can be seen among the best HGH supplements in the market is 6 weeks, maybe 4 weeks tops. This is definitely a long time to wait.

TOP 5 Adivice for taking HGH

Now, while waiting for its effects to occur, there are certain habits that you can observe to optimize the effectiveness of HGH supplements.

Time Your Consumption of Carbohydrates

The body requires carbohydrates to give it energy for the various chemical and cellular processes. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose which is then transported from the bloodstream and into individual cells by the hormone insulin. The more carbohydrates in your food, the greater the levels of glucose in your blood, and the more active insulin becomes.

Now, here’s the catch. Science has shown a slightly antagonistic relationship between insulin and human growth hormone. This simply means that when one is active, the other rests or is passive. Now, timing your consumption of carbohydrates, or sugars, is very important. As a general rule, you need to consume your last carbohydrates or sugar for the day not less than 2 hours before you retire for the night. This means that if you are going to sleep at 10 in the evening, your last carbohydrate consumption should be not later than 8 in the evening.

Why? Remember the antagonistic relationship between insulin and HGH? Science has shown that the pituitary gland is most active during deep sleep. The more restful the sleep, the more efficient is the pituitary gland in synthesizing human growth hormone.

When you chow down on carbohydrate rich foods before going to bed, you are stimulating the release of insulin. This will move glucose molecules from the blood and into the cells. So, your body is trying to use up or store the glucose. This adversely affects the sleep pattern; hence, your pituitary gland will not be able to produce and release the much-needed human growth hormone.

Additionally, you are not also supposed to take carbohydrate rich foods immediately after exercise. And this includes carbonated beverages as they contain sugars. Why? When you exercise, you are burning energy. Without food, your body will have to get the energy from your stored fat. Now if you are going to eat or drink carbohydrate rich foods, you are effectively giving your body the energy it needs. So, instead of using the stored fat in your body, it will use the energy you just ate or drank. So, as a matter of rule, you need to avoid taking any carbohydrates or sugary beverages at least 2 hours after physical exercise in order to maximize the weight loss and fat burning effects of exercise.

Keep Hydrated

Effective cellular processes depend on a stable fluid environment. By keeping hydrated with clean and fresh water, you are maintaining a stable equilibrium for your cells and tissues. This is necessary in order for human growth hormone to be able to exert its effects on cellular metabolism.

Take Plenty of Sleep

It has been discussed above that the pituitary gland is most active during sleep. This is perhaps one of the reasons why mothers always tell their kids to go to bed early so they will grow up faster. The pituitary gland’s activity is heightened during deep sleep. The faster you reach Stage V sleep, the better because this is effectively the most active phase of pituitary activity. It is during this time that human growth hormone and other essential hormones are synthesized. And since sleep occurs in cycles, the earlier you get to bed and the longer you stay asleep, the better it is for HGH production.

Eat Healthy

Eating a well-balanced diet is not enough when taking HGH supplements. What you need to focus on is on the quality and type of food that you eat. High quality lean proteins as well as healthier fats are often preferred. Additionally, including complex carbohydrates into your diet such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits should help you maximize HGH benefits.


By increasing your muscle’s overall tone, you are stimulating it to be in a perpetual state of semi-contraction. This burns fuel which helps eliminate fat. Additionally, it forms the basis for the more efficient action of human growth hormone supplements on individual muscle cells.

Timing your carbohydrate consumption, taking adequate rest and sleep, keeping your cells hydrated, eating healthy, and exercising will all help you reap the full range of benefits of HGH supplements.

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