Using Human Growth Hormone Supplements

How to use HGH supplementsAll around the world, many individuals use a variety of health supplements to boost the way their bodies work. These health supplements can come in a variety of forms as well as different ingredients in order to effect a desired change in the human body.

Hormone supplements are also fast becoming a mainstay in many physiologic needs. One of these more recent discoveries is human growth hormone. Many individuals now consider HGH as a necessary tool to reverse the effects of aging. Some also use HGH as a means to build muscles and improve stamina and physical performance. Whatever the reason for taking human growth hormones, it is important to understand how these substances work in the first place so that you will know how to use them properly.

HGH supplements are ingredients that naturally stimulate your pituitary gland to release the human growth hormone. Everyone has this hormone, HGH, when they were still a child. HGH peaks before you reach your adolescence and gradually declines thereafter. By the time you reach 30-35 you will already have almost negligible amounts of HGH in your body. Why? Well, you do not need to grow anymore because all of your organs have already reached their adult stage. So there simply is no reason for your pituitary gland to produce and release HGH anymore. This is where the problem lies. When this happens, the things you often associated with aging start to occur. Hair turns gray, skin becomes dull and inelastic, muscles lose their tonicity and strength, and you eventually lose your sexual prowess. In other words, because there is no more HGH in the blood, you will now steadily succumb to the aging process.

This is how HGH supplements work. Instead of supplying your body directly with HGH because that will simply be dangerous, what HGH supplements do is they stimulate your pituitary glands to restart production and secretion of human growth hormone. The result? Improved appearance of the skin, enhanced muscle tone and strength, better cognitive performance, improved physical endurance, and even improved sex life. Every tissue and organ in your body becomes more efficient at what they do. This give the impression that your look and feel young again. But this does not mean that you are not going to age anymore.

HGH supplements merely allow your body to become more efficient at everything it does giving you an overall feeling of being young again.

So, how do you use HGH supplements?

First and foremost, you need to understand that HGH supplements are not recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration as anti-aging products. While human growth hormone replacement therapy is indicated in certain health conditions such as dwarfism and hypogonadal syndromes, its therapeutic effectiveness as an anti-aging preparation has been questioned by many health organizations. Nonetheless, this has not precluded its use by many celebrities and professional athletes who require some of the benefits of human growth hormone in the body. As such, there are doctors who administer HGH replacements outside its therapeutic indications. And these do not come cheap.

In using HGH supplements, it is imperative that you check with your primary physician first. While the ingredients of a number of these products are all-natural, some individuals do develop allergic reactions to them. This is more pronounced in products that contain some synthetic ingredients. It is for this reason that any serious user of HGH supplements pay particular attention to the active ingredients contained therein. This is in order to maximize the full range of benefits of HGH supplements and minimize the occurrence of unwanted side effects.

To optimize the full range of benefits of HGH supplements, it is important to maintain a healthy diet preferably one that has sufficiently high amounts of high quality protein and lesser of the carbohydrates and fats. Totally eliminating fat from the diet is not advisable because some vitamins cannot be absorbed by the body without fat. Additionally, fat is needed to maintain the integrity of cells as well as in the production of certain hormones. What you need however is the good form of fats, preferably monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. You can also include omega 3 fatty acids as these can help the body fight inflammation. When inflammatory processes are minimized, the action of human growth hormone can be made more effective.

Exercise should also form a fundamental part of HGH supplementation. You do not need to go to the gym in order to stay physically fit. Running, jogging, or even brisk walking can already form an excellent way to exercise. This is needed to provide the stimulus for the more efficient action of HGH supplements on the body.

It should be understood that supplementation should not replace good and healthy diet, ample physical exercise, and excellent stress management including enough rest and sleep. These are all needed to make the HGH supplement really work.

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