Truth About HGH For Men

hgh benefits for menIn the never-ending search to stay youthful despite advancing age, many have tried a lot of remedies often with conflicting results. While some would report substantial gains, other will feel more dejected as the results were not exactly what they have hoped for. In the search for the mystical Fountain of Youth, many claim to have found traces of the magical water, an elixir, which is supposed to bring them a lot closer to answering one of life’s greatest mysteries – why do we age?

Human growth hormone or HGH is responsible for the steady growth and development of the human body from childhood and well into adolescence. This is the period where all the organs of the body are steadily grown and developed to reach full adult proportions. Human growth hormone allows the body to grow optimally and its organs function with utmost precision. However, by the time we reach puberty, the HGH levels in the body steadily declines and will usually be negligible already by the time we are in our 30s. By this time, the effects of aging will already start to show. Fats get easily stored because there is simply no more HGH to facilitate the mobilization and utilization of fat. This leads to metabolic slowdown that, coupled by increased intake of fatty foods and junk foods, can greatly increase weight gain which can lead to obesity. Additionally, because of the absence of HGH in the body, muscles stop developing further leading to diminished muscle tone as well as strength. Other effects of this HGH decline include sagging skin, wrinkled appearance of the skin, greyed hair, and even loss of sexual desire.

Overall Effects of HGH on Men

It is virtually impossible to stop the effects of aging. Nonetheless, you can, at the very least, stop it from getting too fast. In other words, you need to slow it down. Reset it if you will. And thanks to the modern marvels of molecular biochemistry and neuroendocrinology, this is now made possible with the renewed understanding of human growth hormone or somatotropin. HGH food supplements have heralded a new dawn in the search for that elusive anti-aging formula. It has been lauded by many who have already tried HGH food supplements as the elixir of youth that they have all been waiting for.

Many are attesting to human growth hormone food supplements’ ability to slow down the aging process and make them feeling and looking young and beautiful once again. This also translates to better moods, more stable emotions, and healthier mentality. This results in an overall enhancement of health and wellbeing. Additionally. Many individuals who have used HGH food supplements report of better sex lives, enhanced physical endurance, improved stamina, and increased vitality and vigor. In some individuals HGH food supplements have alleviated their depressive symptoms, making them feel much more alive with the fiery passion of a teenager.

Repairing Cellular Damage

Men are more susceptible to cellular and tissue damage because of the nature of their work. They perform more physically strenuous activities that can tear muscles and fracture bones. Additionally, they also engage in contact sports that can significantly increase the risk of cellular and tissue damage through muscle strain and bone fractures. Some male occupations also subject them to repeated exposure to harmful ionizing radiation that can hasten the speed of cellular damage. It is for this reason that HGH supplements will be beneficial to these individuals by hastening the rate of tissue repair and prepare the body for the many reparative and regenerative processes ahead.

Repairing Sun Damage

Closely related to cellular damage among men, sun damaged skin often affects those whose occupations involve prolonged exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation. The thermal changes that occur under the skin can significantly break the chemical bonds that keep the skin intact. As such, men who engage in outdoor sports or physical activities tend to have hyperpigmentation as well as wrinkles and deeper skin lines. This is not so much because of the loss of fluids but more because of cellular damage at the level of the skin. Taking HGH supplements can greatly reverse the damaging effects of UV radiation in order to facilitate the faster and more efficient repair of skin cells.

Reversing Bone Deterioration

When men engage in sports they do so at a very competitive level. This requires a skeletal framework that is sturdy and dense. However, with increasing age, mineral deposits are not efficiently restored in bones primarily because of decreasing levels of testosterone. It has been shown that testosterone can significantly improve the absorption of calcium and other mninerals in bone tissue matrices. Without testosterone, these minerals are not efficiently stored and as such lead to severely weakened bone. The overall bone density diminishes with time which significantly increases the risk of fractures as well as the development of other bone and joint problems like arthritis. HGH supplements can reverse this by enhancing the body’s production of testosterone in order to help facilitate the entry and deposition of minerals onto the bone.

Recovering Memory Loss

One of the most easily recognizable effects of aging is diminished cognitive processes, especially in terms of long- and short- term memory. Human growth hormone supplements facilitate the more efficient conduction or transmission of nerve impulses. The neurons and glial cells in the brain support each other in order to communicate with one another. This improves the overall transmission of electrical signals across relevant parts of the brain. This allows individuals to think a lot clearer, make sound decisions a lot easier, and perform other cognitive processes that would be otherwise difficult without the improved network of nervous connections.

Regaining Sexual Functioning

Human growth hormone has a direct relationship with testosterone production and release. Without HGH it will be quite impossible to sustain the correct levels of circulating testosterone in an effort to maintain sexual performance. HGH helps by improving sex drive and performance. HGH users have all claimed improvements in their sex lives especially in terms of maintaining an erection, virility, and endurance.

Men can derive plenty of benefits from HGH supplements. Overall, HGH supplements can help men regain their overall strength and stamina and help repair and regenerate injured tissues a lot faster and more efficiently.

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