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Many individuals take a look at nutritional supplements as the be-all end-all of their health concerns. What they fail to realize is that these substances can naturally be found in the diet. However, given the fact that not a single soul on Earth can adhere to even the most basic dietary guideline simply because of the preponderance of highly processed foods and the growing use of commercial fertilizers and genetically modified organisms, supplements abound to provide humanity the nutrients the body needs.
From the word itself, supplement is anything that adds or improves or enhances something else. It should not be taken as the cure for any of the healthcare problems that man faces today. This is also true with the increasing number of human growth hormone (HGH) releasers or supplements in the market. Because of false advertisements of many manufacturers whose primary aim is not to educate the public but rather to capitalize on consumer ignorance, many of these HGH supplements are being marketed as the miracle cure for aging. Some even brand their products as being able to stop the effects of aging.

For the record, no one, not even the most brilliant minds in science and technology, can ever stop the hands of time. Aging is all about the passing of time. if you want to stop aging, then you have to literally stop time from ticking. Doing that will forever change history and human development simply because there will no longer be any forward movement. Everything will be frozen in time. This is the only way to stop aging. So, if ever you encounter an HGH supplement that says it can stop the aging process, by all means, run as fast as you can because the manufacturers simply do not know what they are talking about.

Nobody can blame them, really. If there is anyone to blame, that will be the fickle-minded, often very gullible, consumers who believe everything that comes out in an advertisement is true. Try an experiment if you don’t believe what we said. Get an expensive-looking glass, fill it with water, and put some label on it and market that as the pure essence of the rare flower found only in Micronesia used by Micronesians for losing weight. You know that this is all false but give it some time and everyone will be clamoring for your “discovery”. That is how gullible people are. They believe whatever is being marketed to them. Well, a great number of people do.

That is why, in choosing an HGH supplement you need to be very careful and do your research well. For starters it is always best to start with their ingredients. Anything that contains a synthetic ingredient should be scrapped off your list. Additionally, you have to look at customer reviews. However, you have to be very cautious because not all reviews can be relied upon to offer an objective evaluation of a particular product. In today’s highly digitalized world, companies can hire third party individuals who can play the role of product evaluators. If you see nothing but positive comments and feedback on a particular HGH supplements, steer clear.

Now what do HGH supplements or releasers do?

Compared to HGH replacement therapy that often come in injectable forms, HGH releasers or supplements are ingredients that naturally stimulate your pituitary gland to release the human growth hormone. Everyone has this hormone, HGH, when they were still a child. HGH peaks before you reach your adolescence and gradually declines thereafter. By the time you reach 30-35 you will already have almost negligible amounts of HGH in your body. Why? Well, you do not need to grow anymore because all of your organs have already reached their adult stage. So there simply is no reason for your pituitary gland to produce and release HGH anymore.
This is where the problem lies. When this happens, the things you often associated with aging start to occur. Hair turns gray, skin becomes dull and inelastic, muscles lose their tonicity and strength, and you eventually lose your sexual prowess. In other words, because there is no more HGH in the blood, you will now steadily succumb to the aging process.
This is where HGH supplements work their action. Instead of supplying your body directly with HGH because that will simply be dangerous, what HGH supplements do is they stimulate your pituitary glands to restart production and secretion of human growth hormone. The result? Improved appearance of the skin, enhanced muscle tone and strength, better cognitive performance, improved physical endurance, and even improved sex life. Every tissue and organ in your body becomes more efficient at what they do. This give the impression that your look and feel young again. But this does not mean that you are not going to age anymore.
HGH supplements merely allowed your body to become more efficient at everything it does giving you an overall feeling of being young again.

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