HGH Restores Bone health

HGH Restores Bone healthIn the West, the awareness of bone health is highly regarded compared to other parts in the world. With the use of supplements and dairy products, more calcium is also used. However surprisingly, a recent study indicated that there is a higher number of death and fractures in the West brought on by osteoporosis. The research also reported that women there have a tendency to die from osteoporosis rather than cancer, since women suffer the most from osteoporosis.

Figures show that osteoporosis is the cause of approximately 700,000 vertebral fractures, 250,000 wrist fractures, 300,000 hip fractures and for over 300,000 other types of fractures. Experts state that milk, which was once considered to be the key element for bone health, is probably not the solution for it. Actually, there were reports that individuals who drink less milk have healthier bones as well as those who do not drink it whatsoever.

What is Osteoporosis

Osteoblasts, which are cells that form new bones together with osteoclasts that break down bones, are both responsible for the continuous restoration of the human bones. Starting from birth until we are in our 30s, the osteoblasts perform well by helping to increase the bone mass. But when a person reaches the 30s, the osteoclasts take over, and by the age of 50, the development of bone decreases drastically.

The decline of bone mass can affect all of the bones in the entire body, such as the spine, hips, legs and teeth. Probably the worst thing that could ever happen is a decrease in height brought on by bone reduction. Scientists discovered that one of the causes that greatly contributes to the reduction of bone in osteoporosis is the decreasing growth hormone in the body system. The receptors of growth hormone in the bone become non-active as we grow older, with significantly less HGH being released.

The Treatment of Growth Hormone

The treatment solution for the growth hormone of the human body is considered to efficiently aid in the increase of bone mass. However, certain scientific studies have also proven that short-term treatment method may not be of great help. A Dr. Rudman conducted an experiment on men for about six months, and found out that the bone density in the lumbar vertebrae has improved by 1.6% through the utilization of growth hormone. Dr Rudman also identified a problem associated with the treatment, and it was that the other bones, such as the radius and femur displayed no sign of increase in the bone mass.

On the other hand, an HGH study for about two years revealed a tremendous rise in the levels of calcium and an improvement in the bone density of the body. Even post-menopausal women exhibited a rise in their levels of osteocalcin that is essential for the formation of new bone growth.

Human Growth Hormone Versus Drug Treatments

These days, the drugs are capable of preventing bone loss or stop it to some extent. But the growth hormone helps activates the receptors of growth hormone in the bones, which restores the development of new bones.

HGH and Exercise for Bones

Regular exercise together with the intake of growth hormone is beneficial and has been acknowledged to create a big change in the health of the human bone. If you exercise and eat fresh fruits and vegetables, you will experience much faster and long-term benefits, even when you take HGH for anti-aging. The products for human growth hormone can create an incredible improvement in your body in a lot of ways. The repair of bone health can be beneficial to those who have osteoporosis.

Benefits of HGH for Bones

The anti-aging process is one of the most important aspects about HGH supplements. The HGH supplements enables the skin to look younger with much less facial lines. These supplements also aid in the increase of collagen in the body, ultimately smoothing the skin. Because of such supplements, the body cells can efficiently repair major cell damage. This cell damage is the one responsible for making the body age as you grow older.

The increase of your immune system is another benefit of the HGH supplements. The reason for all of these health problems including mood swings, muscles loss, excessive weight gain, loss of libido, weakening of bones, sexual dysfunctions, wrinkles, skin damages, and various other similar effects, is the reduction in the human growth hormone that the body produces.

This is exactly why a variety of HGH supplements have been made to increase the levels of growth hormone in the body once again. These supplements are composed of amino acids and other natural body compounds, which are capable of activating the pituitary gland, which has a role in the HGH production. By doing so, you can reproduce large numbers of growth hormone naturally and not harmful to your health.

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