HGH Injections versus HGH Supplements

HGH injections are not safeInjections and supplements are the two options by which interested individuals can consume HGH. Both have been making a stir in the market and a comparison of the two forms is needed so you would know which one is safer and more effective. Surely, you can reap benefits from the two options but there is certainly one that fares better than the other.

Which is safer HGH Injections or Releaser?

In whatever health practice that we do or advancement that we consider, we always make sure that it is safe and won’t cause us any harm.

With the many studies and extensive research considered, it has been concluded that HGH supplements are far safer than HGH injections. Medicines that are in injection form truly work the fastest. There is no doubt about that. This is why HGH injections, that has the highest HGH amount per dosage, are more powerful than supplements. However, the injection of HGH is highly controversial because of its risks.

Swelling of joints, organ enlargement, diabetes, some forms of cancer, respiratory problems, and hypertension are among the dangerous side effects that are attributed to the injection of HGH. For these reasons alone, we don’t and we will never recommend HGH injections designed for anti-aging even if it is from a well-established manufacturer. However, many companies still sell HGH in injection form without informing the consumers of the form’s scary side effects. So, it’s really important that you also do your research before buying anything.

Are doctors allowed to prescribe HGH injections?

If the purpose is anti-aging, the doctors are not allowed to prescribe injection form of HGH. The DEA requires that there should be prescription because patients will not be provided with HGH injections if they don’t need it medically. HGH injections are only legally prescribed to adults and children who are suffering from anomalies such as growth hormone deficiency. This is another reason why we don’t recommend HGH in injection form.

Are HGH supplements recommended for growth hormone replacement?

There are new HGH supplements in the market today and they are specifically called releasers. They are considered better than injections because there is actually no human growth hormone in the pill form. Even so, the HGH form that is taken orally is proven to be much efficient in so far as replacement of growth hormone is concerned. But why are we recommending HGH supplements if they don’t HGH in the first place?

Generally, there are two types of HGH supplements available in the market today. One is the supplement made with pharmaceutical or synthetic ingredients. The other one is the supplement made with herbal or natural ingredients. How do these HGH supplements work then when they don’t have HGH? The ones made with natural ingredients stimulate the pituitary gland to induce an increase in human growth hormone production.

Supplements or pills may not immediately produce results like the injection form but some of the supplements are known to be effective. In addition, they contain vitamins and amino acids, which are also beneficial to the body. The best thing is there are no side effects that you may experience when you use the supplement or pill form.
Are all HGH supplements the same?

Supplements are different from each other. No two particular supplements are ever the same. This is because each of them has a different composition of ingredients. They also vary in the amounts of the ingredient that is common to them. Thus, they also differ in their effectiveness. Lastly, since there is difference in the ingredients, there is also difference in their prices.

So, before you buy a particular supplement, there are some things that you should do first. One is to understand what the product is offering you. You also need to check the results of the research about the product. Have a sample so you would know how the product looks like. Lastly, browse the Web for reviews from customers who have already bought the product. Form them, you’ll have a clear idea whether or not the supplement you are considering is really effective and worth your money.

Generally, HGH in supplement form is relatively expensive. But when compare to injections, supplements are far cheaper. This is because there are no laboratory preparations needed for the supplements. The supplements are also amazingly effective but not as expensive as the prescription treatments.

If you want to improve your health, investing on HGH supplements might be a wise idea. In the long run, you would see how awesome the supplements are when you are already having a better health and life.

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