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Natural sugarcane pulp as raw material, processed through science and technology applied to food-grade waterproof, anti-oil, pulp molded tableware products have the following excellent characteristics:
1, environmental health, non-toxic harmless, healthy.
2, 120 ℃ hot oil resistant, anti-100 ℃ hot water, deformation does not leak.
3, suitable for microwave oven baking, freezer fresh, high-temperature cooking.
4, the value of recycling, recycled paper, recycling, resource conservation.
5, the natural degradation of soil variability into organic fertilizer, reduction of carbon dioxide and water, return to nature.
6, product by spraying, after coating can improve its barrier permeability, help them sticky rice, cold storage product is not easy to soften.
Pulp molded green catering appliances, the physical properties, health indicators are GB18006,1-1999 through national standards, in line inspection standards of the US FDA, the European SGS, Japanese Ministry of Health (MOH) and other international health agencies.

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