Best Tips for Belly Weight Loss

HGH-For-Weight-LossFor many individuals, a growing waistline is often a cause of concern. It is sometimes considered okay to grow fat in the inner aspect of the upper arms or even on the thighs because these can be somehow hidden with appropriate clothing. However, a growing tummy is quite difficult to mask. Unless you are pregnant, a bulging tummy is always an indication of a weight issue.

Just how does fat accumulate in the belly region in the first place? Well, there are two prevailing schools of thought in this. The first one has to do with insulin and the other one is the release of stress hormones.

Why is Fat Stored in the Belly Region?

The human body requires energy in order for its cells to do their job. Energy often comes in the form of glucose from carbohydrates. Glucose is transported inside the cells in order for it to be used for a variety of processes. However, if the cell already has too much glucose, the excess is stored as glycogen in the liver and skeletal muscles. A more efficient storage is the fat. Now, there are two kinds of fat storage sites in the body. One is on the subcutaneous layer of the skin and the other is between organs known as the viscera. Among the different regions in the body, the one with the most visceral space is the abdominal area or the region in your belly. So, the more glucose in your blood, the more active insulin gets to bring glucose to the cells. However, since your cells already have too much glucose, this excess is stored in visceral fat in your abdominal region.

The second mechanism works almost like the insulin mechanism. Emotional stress triggers the release of epinephrine. This hormone attempts to mobilize the stored fat all over the body in an effort to produce the energy needed to combat the stress. However, since the kind of stress is emotional and not physical, there simply is no need to spend energy. The circulating fat goes where? In visceral fat again, right around your belly region. This is why experts agree that if you want to lose your belly fat, try managing your psychological stresses.

So, how do you lose the fat around your belly?

Increase Your Physical Activity

It should be obvious by now that increasing energy expenditure will naturally mobilize fat. The more active your cells become, the greater is their need for energy. And the very first thing that your body will do is to mobilize the stored fats in the visceral areas of your tummy.

You can have a well-designed cardiovascular routine or even simple walks at a relatively fast pace. Jogging, running, and short sprinting bursts coupled with leisurely jogging can increase your metabolic rate, increasing the need for energy. Some would recommend Pilates as it has been shown to be particularly beneficial in controlled breathing to help facilitate optimum tissue oxygenation. The better oxygenated the cells and tissues of the body, the more efficient is the metabolic processes. And when you increase the metabolic processes of the cells, you also increase the need for energy. And when you need energy, where does your body get it? From the stored fat in your belly.

Improve your Muscle Mass and Cut Down on Body Fat

Another aspect of shedding that excess fat off your belly is by conditioning your muscles. By improving overall muscle tone you are conditioning your muscles to be in a perpetual state of semi-contraction. This means that a well-toned muscle is always partially contracted. This is why they appear firmer, are harder to the touch, and more bulky in appearance. A partially-contracted muscle means that it is always spending energy. If you have not yet eaten, where do you think your body will get this energy to feed your semi-contracted muscles? From fat, of course. But where? That would be in your belly region.

For best effects, try interval training. This involves cyclical periods of regular exercise routines coupled with short bursts of high-impact, high-intensity exercises.

Watch What You Eat!

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