Best Benefits of HGH Growth Hormone

the truth about HGH BenefitsOne of the saddest facts of life is that everyone will age. No matter how much you anti-aging creams you apply on your skin or anti-aging supplements you drink, there is just no way that you can stop the hands of time.

However, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot slow it down.

The Top benefits of HGH

To better understand how aging can be slowed down, you need to understand the effects of human growth hormone on the body. All humans depend on the production and release of human growth hormone from the pituitary gland to build and grow cells and tissues. It is the job of the human growth hormone to slowly grow a 7-pound infant into a 200-pound adult. In a span of a few decades, this baby will have already achieved its fullest potential. This means that his muscles, bones, heart, brain, lungs, and all other organs that make him an individual are already at their maximum potential. However, this is greatly dependent on what was written in the genetic instruction. That is why some people are bigger than others while some are naturally heavier and stockier. The point of the matter is, whatever is contained in your genes, this is followed by the body to construct or build itself.

Look at it this way, when you build your house, you need a blueprint to know how the different parts of your house should be constructed. Each of the different parts of the house will require building and construction materials. Now, in order to build your house, you need a project engineer or manager who will oversee the building and construction.

Now let us apply it to the body. The house is the body and the blueprint is the gene. The rooms are the different organs of the body and the building and construction materials are the tissues and cells. The project manager is the human growth hormone. The HGH therefore makes sure that the different cells and tissues are in their correct places in compliance with the genetic instruction. Over time, the different cells and tissues and organs develop until they are fully completed. This usually takes about 12 to 13 years, right around the time of puberty. By this time, since the construction is already complete, there is no longer any need for the project manager or the HGH. So naturally, human growth hormone levels decline.

With decline, there is no more impetus to maintain the different organs. By the time there is no more human growth hormone present in the body, the signs of aging will already be very pronounced. You will now see wrinkling of the skin, sagging skin, grey hair, decreased muscle strength, decreased vitality, diminished cognition, and everything else that is associated with aging. Like a house that is no longer maintained over time, it will also deteriorate. The same thing happens with the body. Since there is no more growth hormone to maintain the cells, they deteriorate leading to the signs of aging.

Now, when you give the body sufficient amounts of human growth hormone in the form of replacement therapy, the effects can be almost instantaneous. It will be almost similar to having your home newly renovated or newly remodeled. As such, the different organs in your body become more efficient again in their various functions. Cells will be healthier and tissues will show improved integrity. In other words, you will see physiologic changes that you once experienced while you were still young as a teenager. Your muscles have more tone and have improved strength. You will have more efficient breathing. You sex life will also improve because of improvement in cellular functioning. Your skin will become tighter again, not sagging. And with this tightening of the skin comes the disappearance of fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles. Technically, you will look young and vibrant again.

These physiologic changes are the result of replenishing your depleted stores of human growth hormones. And it is for this reason that many consider HGH treatments as truly anti-aging miracle treatments. HGH treatments can improve cellular efficiency and tissue integrity to give you a more youthful appearance and performance.

However, there is a catch. With treatment that costs from hundreds to thousands of dollars per session, only the rich can afford such treatments. Call it unfair but synthesizing human growth hormone is quite expensive. Naturally, manufacturers will have to recover their overhead costs. And this sadly jacks up prices even more.

If such treatments are considered effective yet only a few can have access to it, is it safe then to assume that expensive items are equated with effective items?

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