About HGH and Sports

Human Growth Homone and sportProfessional athletes and serious sportsmen use HGH to strengthen their muscles, improve their cardiovascular endurance, increase their lung compliance, heal tissue injuries a lot faster, and provide them with the necessary boost in performance in order to excel in their chosen field of sport.
In the world of professional sports, it is imperative that athletes stay in tiptop shape in order to stay competitive. Human growth hormones have been used extensively in sports primarily for the benefits it provides athletes. HGH has been used in enhancing the performance of professional athletes as well as other individuals who are into competitive sports.

HGH in Sports

However, HGH is not purely for sports. In fact, the US FDA approves human growth hormone preparations in the treatment and management of certain health conditions like dwarfism. It is treated as a controlled substance, meaning, one can obtain HGH only if the person has a valid written prescription from a licensed medical professional.
Its use in professional sports is still quite controversial and is considered a controlled substance. While many can attest to its performance-enhancing qualities, HGH remains not approved by the FDA for uses aside from its proven indications. The natural effects of human growth hormone on the body that has already achieved its optimum state is believed by authorities to have deleterious consequences if used incorrectly. It should be noted that human growth hormone stimulates cellular and tissue growth. Unfortunately, if the growth plates of the bone have already closed, acromegaly can form. This is a condition whereby the body’s extremities, particularly the hands and feet, grow bigger than normal. Additionally, the muscles tend to grow big that movement become a problem. These often results from abnormally high levels of concentration of human growth hormone in the body because of excessive HGH injections or chronic use of HGH preparations.
As in anything that is excessive, problems do arise. This is the primary reason why the FDA cautions against its use for purposes not yet fully studied.
Nonetheless, many believe that HGH can dramatically increase muscle mass and improve muscle strength. This is highly beneficial among athletes who need to stay competitive in their line of sport.

The HGH Controversy

Human growth hormone is a neuropeptide released by the pituitary gland in order to stimulate cellular growth and development. As the cells is made up of an infinite number of cells, growing these can lead to remarkable effects. Professional athletes and sportsmen who have used HGH injections have reported the following benefits:
• Faster cellular growth and tissue repair and regeneration, leading to faster healing times
• Increased metabolic rate to improve the delivery of oxygen to the tissues and enhance cellular processes as well as tissue reparations and regeneration
• Increased lipolysis or the mobilization of fat from their storage deposits
• Increased muscle mass attributed to cellular and tissue growth and improved tissue metabolism
Unfortunately, because of these perceived benefits, many professional athletes have begun abusing HGH preparations. They believe that HGH injections can give them the instant boost in performance needed to excel in their game. They wantonly use HGH in order to grow their muscles, burn fat, develop leaner bodies, and allow the faster healing and recovery of injuries. Unfortunately, they do not realize the dangers of HGH injections when taken in alarmingly increasing dosages.

HGH for Athletes

Without a doubt, HGH taken in the correct amounts and at the recommended dosage can help professional athletes and dedicated sports personnel in their game. But the keywords here are ‘correct’ and ‘recommended’.
As HGH preparations now come in recombinant forms, it becomes more imperative to adhere to recommended dosage. Many countries, including the US, ban any drug that is used for enhancing the performance of athletes, not necessarily because it is risky but rather it gives an unfair advantage in a sport where fair play should be the prime goal. It is for this reason that many HGH preparations are now recombined to take the form of a supplement. As supplements do not have, technically, therapeutic indications, they are only labeled as ‘nutritional supplements’, more like an injectable Vitamin C.
HGH supplements are now used by professional athletes as a means to grow muscles, burn fat, and improve overall athletic performance without the side effects often seen in performance enhancing drugs like steroids.

Using HGH in Sports

Before you start using HGH supplements to grow your own muscles and improve your own physical performance, it is imperative to remember the following things:
• HGH supplements have to be prescribed by a licensed physician.
• You must adhere to the recommended dosage, frequency, and duration in order to prevent adverse effects.
• A doctor needs to determine whether HGH supplements will be good for you based on your sex, your age, and your overall physical condition.
• If you are an athlete, it is best to perform extensive research and seek expert medical and fitness advice before using HGH supplements.

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