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Man has always been fascinated by the vigor and vitality of youth. From flawlessly looking skin to physical strength and stamina that can almost rival that of a stallion, man has always searched far and wide for the fabled fountain of youth. From the jungles of the Amazon to the steep rainforests of Central Africa to small volcanic islands that dot the world’s largest ocean, explorers and adventurers have gone to the different corners of the globe in search of the answer to one of life’s greatest mysteries – aging.

Yet, it would seem that the answer is right here all along.

Consumer Apprehension about Anti-Aging Products

Human growth hormone or HGH has definitely found its way into the life of modern man. However, it was never through the front door. The reason for this is the general skepticism that many hold against products that promise to reverse the effects of aging and make one look and feel as young as he ever was.
One of the many questions that today’s consumers pose is related to the product’s authentic effectiveness. Can the product really deliver the effects it promises to deliver? While some members of the scientific community are working around the clock to ascertain the validity of effectiveness testing of these products, it is inadvertent that some less-than-honest beings can capitalize on the whole buzz about anti-aging products.

And why not?

With a market that is potentially as big as weight loss products, anyone can literally jump in the bandwagon and claim that their product is the miracle cure for aging. Unfortunately, there are consumers who are not as well-informed as the rest. These consumers flock to anti-aging shops or logon to unscrupulous websites offering large volume discounts on products that are supposedly the world’s answer to the question of aging. And nothing can be farther from the truth. These unscrupulous entities prey on the inherent desire of men and women to look and feel young and on some consumers’ blind trust to fads. It is rather unfortunate that both unscrupulous sellers and misinformed buyers perpetuate the widespread availability and accessibility of cheap and reliably ineffective anti-aging products, human growth hormones included.

One of the common mistakes of consumers regarding HGH Supplements or any other anti-aging product is that they consider it a miracle cure, something that has magical powers. There is nothing magical or mystical or anything supernatural from HGH products or any other product. And it would be wise to reshape your perception about these products if you don’t want to be disappointed in the long run. Like all things, the effectiveness of HGH is largely dependent on a variety of factors. It does not mean that since HGH worked for your friends, you can expect it to work for you, too. It may work but the results may be entirely different from what you have seen in others.

Just look at weight loss products, for example. It doesn’t mean that if someone lost 25 pounds in 4 weeks you should also lose the same weight at exactly the same length of time. Maybe you will lose less than 25 pounds or even more than that. Maybe you will achieve a 25-pound weight loss in 3 weeks or even 5 or more weeks. The effect is there but you cannot simply generalize one result for others. The same is true with HGH. Do not look at it as a miracle cure, a magic potion that the Evil Witch had to drink every time she looks and asks her mirror who the fairest lady of them all is.

It is but natural for well-informed consumers to seek only the best product that they could find. And since the term ‘best’ is quite subjective, consumers require credible and highly verifiable proof as to the product’s effectiveness. This is what this article aims to provide – verifiable credible information about human growth hormones and their formulations and how you can benefit from these products.

HGH – The Missing Link to the Mystery of Aging?

Instead of looking at human growth hormone as a miracle cure, you can look at is as the missing piece in the puzzling mystery of aging. Science has already proven the function of natural human growth hormone, which this article will go into detail in the following sections, in the growth and development of the different cells and tissues of the body. It is within this context that HGH is largely considered as the body’s natural substance that provides it with health, youthfulness, and strength.

As was presented in the beginning of this article, man has always strived to answer the most riddling puzzle of all – aging. Everyone ages. It is a natural fact of life. Unfortunately, even human growth hormone cannot stop aging, and this should be very clear from the very start. If you are looking for a product that promises you to stop aging dead in its track, you are not going to get that in human growth hormone. Remember, best HGH Supplements are not a miracle or magical cure.

What it does however, as you will later learn, is it slows down the damaging effects of aging. This means that you will still grow old chronologically, but your cells and your tissues will be functioning more efficiently. This gives the impression that you are young again.
Now, without further ado, let us understand what this human growth hormone really is.

Understanding HGH

The body naturally produces human growth hormone. In some books, this is referred to as somatotropin. This hormone is produced and secreted by the front lobe of the pituitary gland after stimulation by the growth hormone releasing hormone from the hypothalamus. These two organs – the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland – are located at the base of the brain. The hypothalamus is part of the central nervous system while the pituitary gland is known as the master gland of the endocrine system. It is for this reason that hormones always have a neurologic component to it.

HGH is primarily composed of amino acids. The human growth hormone’s action can be categorized into two major parts: cellular growth and development and fat utilization. Some experts would point out that the fat utilization function of human growth hormone is largely related to its cellular growth function. Here’s why.

When the body forms its cells, it needs amino acids to transcribe the genetic information. These strands of genetic material provide the instructions on how cells and tissues are to be built. Central to this is the stimulation of the hypothalamus to secrete the growth hormone releasing hormone or GHRH. The GHRH then stimulates the pituitary gland to start producing and secreting HGH. Human growth hormone then acts on the different cells to facilitate their growth. This includes regulating their size as well as cellular division. These essentially make up tissues that clump together to form organs. In simple words,  best HGH products ensures the optimum life cycle of each individual cell in the body. Additionally HGH ensures that all organs of your body reach their fullest potential both in structure and functionality.

Now cellular processes require energy. The task of building tissues and organs and ensuring that they all function optimally require tremendous amounts of energy. Just like us, cells need to eat and breathe oxygen in order to survive and perform the many things it needs to do. In the process of cellular growth, energy needs to be continually provided to the growing cells and tissues. Unfortunately, we still have to meet a man who can eat 24 straight hours a day for 365 days a year. It is technically impossible. The primary source of energy in the body is glucose from carbohydrates. If there is too much glucose, the excess is converted into glycogen which is, in turn, stored in the liver and the skeletal muscles for future use. In case there is no more space in the storage sites, the excess glucose is converted into fat. So fat is technically the densest form of energy you can ever find. Since cellular growth requires continuous supply of energy, glucose and glycogen stores get easily depleted. The answer is to convert the stored fat back into energy to serve as fuel for the many processes related to cellular growth and development.


Human growth hormone stimulates cells to grow which requires energy in order to perform many cellular processes. Fat is mobilized from its storage sites in order to fuel the cellular processes needed for growth.

Now here’s the sad part. Human growth hormone peaks by around the time you enter your adolescent years, roughly after the 6th grade. From here on, the levels of human growth hormone take a steady decline well into the latter part of early adulthood which is the 30s. By this time, you know that you are already growing old.

Aging as the Effects of HGH Decline

The steady decline in human growth hormone produced and secreted by the pituitary gland is believed to be in response to the absence of stimulus. The different organs of the body have already reached their maximum potential. They cannot grow any further. They have already attained their full adult proportions. As such, the brain interprets this as there simply is no more need to produce higher HGH levels.

It is for this reason that by the time you reach your 30s, you can already start feeling a little different. These changes slowly become more pronounced as you reach 40. By the 50th year, you know you have grown old. You will now have more problems associated with mobility because your bones will no longer be as dense as before. Your skin will take on a wrinkled and often dry appearance. You will lose muscle mass as well as muscle strength. Your cognitive abilities will slowly decline and your tendency for depression steadily increases. Problems in sexual functioning, blood sugar control, weight gain and obesity, and lipid metabolism are all hallmarks of the aging process.

But here’s the catch. Some individuals naturally age a lot faster than others. Given two individuals, one can look younger and looking more vibrant than the other. In most cases, these individuals have better diets and healthier lifestyles. You see, eating a well-balanced and healthy diet can significantly slow down the rate of HGH decline. This means that although human growth hormone levels will continue to decrease over time, the rate at which it declines is considerably slower than normal. Hence, people who eat healthy naturally look healthier and younger than individuals of the same age but who do not eat healthy. Additionally, physical exercises have been shown to retard the decline of natural HGH so you can age a lot slower.

You have to remember this. Everyone has human growth hormone. And everyone’s HGH levels will decline over time. However, different people will have different rates of HGH decline depending on their diet and exercise. Generally, the healthier the lifestyle – good diet plus adequate exercise – the slower is the rate of decline of human growth hormone. In effect, you will age a lot slower than most people.

Simple enough, right? The next question therefore is if there is a way to replenish the levels of human growth hormone in the body.

Replenishing the Body’s Human Growth Hormone

Fortunately, with the technological advances in molecular biochemistry, you can replenish your body’s human growth hormone levels. Perhaps you have already heard of hormone replacement therapy or HRT especially among post-menopausal women who experience a lot of physical, mental, and emotional complaints because of the sudden drop in estrogen. In order to give postmenopausal women the power to relive their days when they still had ample amounts of estrogen, they seek hormone replacement therapy. Estrogen is injected into their bodies so that it can produce instantaneous estrogenic effects.

The same principle works in the replenishment of human growth hormone through HGH replacement therapy. When human growth hormone is reintroduced into your body, you will feel some of its effects almost instantaneously. Your cells will become more efficient in their processes, your tissues will be stronger, and your organs will be functioning more optimally. Again, this is not to say that HGH works like magic, although many would like to believe so. The effect of replenishing the body’s natural HGH is that it restores the different processes that have been halted since HGH began its steady decline. You will thus feel and look much younger. And you know what is equated with youth, right? Vigor. Vitality. Optimum physical strength. Enhanced sexual performance. Flawlessly looking skin. Just imagine the look and feel of being a teenager and you will have an idea of how HGH replenishment or replacement therapy can work for you.
Now, replenishing human growth hormone in the body can take three forms.

• Parenteral HGH preparations are injectable human growth hormone formulations. These preparations are injected into the muscles or into the subcutaneous layer of the skin. The hormone is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream to produce instantaneous effects. Parenteral HGH are often used by celebrities and professional athletes who require instant results despite the cost. Expect to shell out at least 2,000 USD or perhaps even more each month to get the results you require. Since the formulation is invasive, many experts advise against its use because of the inherently more dangerous side effects. Additionally, its prohibitive cost per session means that only the wealthy can get regular access to it. Is it effective? Yes it is. Is it safe? If sticking a needle in your body is your idea of being safe, then it is.

• Oral HGH sprays are marketed as handy and cheaper alternatives to parenteral HGH preparations. They work by penetrating the oral mucosa which is naturally rich in blood supply. The downside is that there are no well-documented reports of its effectiveness. Would you trust it? Unfortunately, no.

• HGH releasers or supplements are an entirely different kinds of preparations. If you noticed both parenteral and oral spray formulations of HGH provide the actual human growth hormone in the product. Natural HGH releasers, on the other hand, contain natural substances that stimulate the pituitary gland to restart producing and secreting human growth hormone. As you have already learned in the preceding sections of this article that HGH levels naturally decline over time because there is no more stimulus for the pituitary gland. HGH releasers or supplements provide the stimulus so the pituitary gland starts producing and secreting the human growth hormone again. It is also noted that the pituitary gland is increasingly active during deep sleep. It is for this reason that HGH releasers are best taken before going to bed.

What the Scientific Community Says

Researches on the different formulations of HGH products reveal that natural HGH releasers or supplements have the highest safety profile. Because they do increase HGH in the body by stimulating the gland that naturally produces human growth hormone, potential side effects are kept to a minimum, if not negligible.
When choosing the best HGH supplement for you, it is imperative that you choose only those brands that do not contain any synthetic ingredient in their formulation. Be wary of products that are labeled “natural” yet contain ingredients that have been synthesized in laboratories.

Now, if you are going to get all of the so-called natural HGH releasers or supplements in the market today and screen them using only a single parameter – that it must not contain any form of synthetic material – you will end up with just a handful. And it will take a lot of time and effort to study these products one by one.
This is what we have done.

An Overview of the World’s TOP 3 HGH Products

There are currently three leading contenders to the best natural HGH releaser or supplement in the market today. Remember, these products have been carefully selected primarily for their all-natural ingredients. This can provide you with the optimum HGH results you require without the danger of any untoward adverse reactions.

genf20 plus hgh pills and spray• GenF20 Plus boasts of its Alpha glycerophosphocholine or α-GPC that has been shown to naturally stimulate the pituitary gland to produce and secrete human growth hormone. In addition to α-GPC, GenF20 Plus also contains vitamins and amino acids that are essential in providing the necessary building blocks for cellular growth. Clinical tests show that GenF20 Plus has an overall success rate of 98 percent. Additionally, GenF20 Plus has been meticulously formulated from an FDA-certified laboratory. This gives it a tremendous boost in safety profile as well as clinical efficiency.




GenFx HGH Releaser Pills• GenFX has been shown to be effective in 92 out of 100 individuals who have used the product worldwide. Its 92 percent efficacy rating has translated into weight reduction, muscle formation and development, and cognitive function enhancement. GenFX has been formulated from a company that is certified with good manufacturing practices or GMP.





HyperGH 14x• HyperGH 14X has been shown to be effective in 9 out of 10 individuals. HyperGH 14X is widely used by bodybuilders for leaner muscles, more toned bodies, and energy boosts that are beneficial to individuals working in the gym. HyperGH 14X comes in both pill and oral spray formulations.




Choosing the Best HGH Supplement

It is readily apparent in the foregoing section that your best option for replenishing your human growth hormone levels is the GenF20 Plus; although it does not hurt to try GenFX or HyperGH 14X as well. The point of the matter is that these products contain no synthetic or artificial ingredients which should be the basis of all buying decisions. They all work to stimulate the pituitary gland into producing and releasing human growth hormone. All are considered safe simply because they are made of all-natural ingredients.

That being said, why would you choose GenF20 Plus over GenFX or even HyperGH 14X?

The simple truth is that there are more HGH supplement users who are more satisfied with the results they achieved from GenF20 Plus. Just try to imagine only 2 individuals out of 100 are not fully satisfied with GenF20 Plus and compare that to GenFX’s 8 out of 100 or HyperGH 14X’s 1 out of 10 dissatisfied users. You can clearly see why our recommendation will favor GenF20 Plus.
However, this does not mean that the other two products are less effective. Remember what we said about not looking at HGH as a miracle cure simply because it may have an entirely different effect on different people? The discrepancies in the number of dissatisfied users across the three products only support our earlier statement that the effects of HGH may or may not be entirely significant for you.

Again, this does not mean it is not effective. These products are effective. The only issue is that their effects may not be what the user had hoped for.
The bottom line is these 3 products work. You just have to try them out and make more realistic expectations about what you want to achieve.


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